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Breathtaking Buildings Around The World Now Offering Virtual Tours 

While the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to a hopeful end with the rollout of multiple vaccines throughout the world, we must remain patient and vigilant with the current health and safety procedures until a greater herd immunity is met. While we wait, many of the world’s most famous places are offering virtual tours for the traveler’s who have been patiently waiting to get out of their house for the past year. 

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Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq, Cairo: Experience Egypt From Home” is a new program made for the traveler who wants to visit the historic architecture that Egypt has to offer from the comfort of their own home. The Mosque was made in the 14th century and is full of old school African architecture such as marble mosaics, bronze doors, and carved minarets, all perfectly preserved. 

Anne of Cleves House, East Sussex: The Sussex Archaeological Society has been offering a multitude of historical virtual tours within the past year, and their most recent addition is the former mansion of Henry VIII. The tour itself starts in the lush garden and glides easily into the magnificent kitchen and open floor plan of this classic medieval house. 

Palace of Versailles, Paris: ‘Hey guys, what’s up?’ says narrator Jean Philippe N’Djoli, inviting us into Versailles. A short, playful video introduces the palace’s immersive 2019 Google virtual reality app, which offers hi-tech tours of the opera house, king’s bedroom and more,” according to the website. This palace is famous for obvious reasons, and the beautiful interior designs will stun any onlooker, even through a computer screen.

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City Palace, Jaipur, India: In 2019, Jaipur’s youthful maharaja, polo player Padmanabh Singh, put a room in his palace on to Airbnb (priced about $6,000 a night, the proceeds going to charity). The suite and its private pool don’t feature in this polished palatial tour, but the virtually accessible parts of the palace are a huge showcase for Jaipur’s sunset-coloured sandstone and graceful Mughal architecture,” according to the Guardian. The palace was initially built in the 1720’s and maintains a ton of the original features from its creation. 

Golestan Palace, Iran: has been offering tours of some of the world’s most historic cities and sites for individuals at home. Now, they’ve added one of the most iconic palace’s from the Qajar Dynasty, which famously ruled the Persian empire from 1785-1925, roughly. According to experts in the area “the walled Golestan complex is one of Tehran’s oldest palaces (the mirrored decor is largely 19th century) and the Unesco World Heritage listing describes it as an inspirational “example of an east-west synthesis” in art and architecture.”

Taliesin, Wisconsin, US: Frank Lloyd Wright’s 242-hectare estate is one of the most famous architectural accomplishments in the country. Wright himself wrote in 1932 that “No other landscape cradles you as do these south-western Wisconsin hills.” The tour will take virtual visitors through the living room first and directly into the Hillside Assembly Hall. The tour is currently available on