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Has Your Hometown Been Voted The Rudest City In America?

A recent survey by Insider has shown what we all know, us Americans love to have our opinions about people and we like to share them!

Whether it’s due to first hand experience, the location of our favorite sports’ team and the rivalry that comes with it, stereotypes from the media or just something that we “know”, the survey asked over 2,000 Americans which cities they believed were the rudest in the country. We have taken a look at the top ten below:

10. San Francisco, California.

Out of all the respondents 9.8% thought that San Francisco had the rudest citizens in the United States, with the belief that cyclists are the main reason that they made the list.

According to some surveyed, cyclists are taking over the area, with some traveling so fast many tourists who may not be as familiar with the area – including Alexander Avenue and the Hurricane Gulch area – have reported having abuse thrown at them. As some of them may feel they do not have to stick to the same speed limits as vehicles, many are exceeding it, causing danger to pedestrians as well as other road users.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With 9.9% of those surveyed believing that Philly had some of the rudest people in America this could be purely down to sports. With a well-known sports base in teams including American Football team the Philadelphia Eagles, there have been many instances that could be seen as rude.

Philadelphia Magazine put together a list of incidents including a replacement Santa being pelted by snowballs in 1968, ex Dallas Cowboy player Michael Irvin attracting cheers from the crowd when he received a neck injury that subsequently finished his playing career, and a police horse being punched by an intoxicated fan in 2018.

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8. Baltimore, Maryland

Hitting double figures, Baltimore is seen as rude by 11.2% of all respondents thanks to several reasons, including the 20-year-old comedian who kept “roasting” visitors to a local park earlier this year. With a possible nod to shows such as Impractical Jokers, passers by would have a camera aimed at their face while the “comedian” made remarks about the way they looked, the way they dressed and even about their race. Although his aim was to “get reactions out of people” he was eventually arrested and charged with 16 counts of trespassing and five counts of harassment.

7. Buffalo, New York

Not the first area in New York to hit the rudest list, and certainly not the last. 11.3% believed that Buffalo had the rudest inhabitants. While no reason was given in particular, it is believed that the opinion piece from anti-Muslim speaker Robert Spencer stating that he had been “drowned out” as he tried to talk, was also told to be quiet and called names, including a “Nazi,” has not helped.

6. Detroit, Michigan

Thanks to incidents such as employees almost being tasered by customers because their McDonald’s’ order was “taking too long,” Detroit was voted the sixth rudest city in America by 11.6% of those surveyed.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

The city that was once known as somewhere that “everybody knows your name” may no longer seem as friendly. 14.9% surveyed believed the locals’ reputation for cutting the line was a major influence in the decision. The idea that someone pretends to know someone further ahead in the line, purely to gain a closer position to the front was seen as bad etiquette.

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4. Chicago, Illinois

With a local newspaper editorial claiming rudeness was “chronic, thoughtless, and utterly pervasive,” in 1985 it seems 18.6% of respondents continue to believe that Chicago is a rude city, and has been for decades. Further evidence has been provided thanks to a local waitress being rude to customers, who was caught on camera saying “if you want good service, you go somewhere else. I know Hooters is probably more your speed, but you came here on purpose.” With the video going viral the diner eventually had to close down.

3. Washington, D.C.

Maybe it’s the way we hear our politicians talk to each other not just in the workplace but also in social life too. The recent Trump administration has seen the levels of abuse received by employees increase with many being shouted at during meals at local restaurants. This could easily be one of the reasons 18.9% believe it is rude in Washington.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has been featured several times in the top ten most expensive properties in America so it seems a surprise that 19.7% of those surveyed believed that they should come second on this list.

1. New York, New York

A staggering 34.3% of all those who answered the survey thought that New York had the rudest citizens in America, but this is not something new.

According to reports, New York has been seen as the rudest city for several centuries. In 1774 former President John Adams commented that he had not seen a real gentleman in the area, while the people he had met talked “very loud, very fast.”