Anti-Vax Dating Site Could Expose Data From Over 3,500 Users Due To Bug 

“Unjected” is a dating site specifically made for individuals who are not vaccinated against Covid-19. According to reports from the Daily Dot, the site failed to take basic precautions when it came to keeping users’ data secure, which left sensitive personal information exposed and vulnerable to potentially anyone. 

The site’s dashboard was set up to be fully accessible to the websites administrator, however, the way it was configured allowed anyone to log into the back end of  the site if they knew how to look for it. 

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Through the dashboard, administrators can view user information for everyone on the site, including names, birthdays, email addresses, and home addresses. 

A security researcher known as GeopJr is credited for confirming the site’s vulnerability, explaining that “the site had been published live to the web with ‘debug mode’ switched on – a special set of features for software developers to use while working on the application, which should never be enabled by default in an application that has been deployed for the public.” 

The researcher known as GeopJr found that they were able to make almost any change to the site after easily being able to log into the dashboard. They could add or remove pages, offer free subscriptions for paid-tier services, or even delete the entire database of posts and their backups. 

The site is currently believed to have about 3,500 users, all of whose data was accessible through the administrator features. 

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Unjected seemingly has big ambitions to expand the site and build connections among those who are unvaccinated. Besides the dating aspect of the site, users can explore a “fertility” section where others can offer their semen, eggs, or breastmilk for donation. 

In another section of the site, users can sign up for a “blood bank” by listing their location and blood type. Both the blood and fertility =aspects of the site are advertised as helping individuals find “mRNA-free” donors; referring to the mRNA molecules found in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. 

The Unjected website is the main way that users can use the application, as the phone app was banned from the Apple App Store in August 2021 for violating Apple’s Covid-19 content policies regarding the spread of misinformation. 

The app is still listed on the Google Play store for Android users, where it has more than 10,000 downloads and average review of 2.5 stars. 

Home Gym

Easy ‘Five-Minute’ Home Improvement Projects To Brighten Up Your Space 

As we all continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are trying to figure out how we’re going to occupy our time during the next few months as temperatures drop, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings become obsolete. Many are turning to home improvement projects to not only give them something to do in their spare time, but also finally check some of the boxes off their growing to-do lists. Here are some easy home improvement project ideas that anyone can do:

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Decorate Your Walls With Frames: Framing personal photos and artwork can draw the eye to certain walls within your space, and are perfect accent pieces to really tie a space together and make it personal. Even if you just want to hang artwork on your walls, pick some pieces that not only match the rest of your design aesthetic, but also speak to your personality. You’re going to be looking at your walls everyday, so you want something to be on them that’ll make you feel good. Consider buying seasonal art as well to freshen up your space every few months. 

Create A Makeshift Gym: This is a great idea for fitness lovers everywhere, as well as those with young children who have a lot of energy to spare. Making your own home gym doesn’t have to break the bank either. If you have a spare room or area in your house, consider investing in some rubber mats and simple dumbbells to start, and then work your way to buying more equipment that you think will fit into your daily fitness routine.

Hang Up Some New Shelving: Just like hanging artwork or photographs on a wall can make a space more personal shelving can do the same. Shelves don’t just have to be used for placing your random tchotchkes, instead, consider adding a plant vase to heighten up your walls and ceilings by bringing the eye up. Candles, figurines, and frames themselves are also great for adding height and pops of color around your room. 

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A Bird Bath Fountain: Even though winter is approaching, for some parts of the world the weather stays warm year round. Bird feeders and bird baths are great ways of inviting the natural world to your property. Take a step further and get a fountain attachment that will make any bird bath come to life, and give your yard a secret garden type of vibe. 

Coat and Mask Hooks: If you’re tired of your family members throwing their coats and masks wherever they please when they get home, consider either investing in a coat rack, or hang up some simple command hooks right next to the front door for easy access. To make it feel like an even more cohesive storage space for your clothing, add a simple ground level shelf/rack to place your shoes. This is also beneficial in the winter months to prevent snow and mud from being tracked into your home. 

Lighting: Lamps of all kinds are amazing accent pieces for any space in your home. For dining rooms, consider getting a high-quality floor lamp that matches the same design aesthetic of that space. For rooms that are more prone to having side tables (living rooms, bedrooms, offices) simple table lamps can fill the empty space and warm up any room. Be conscious with the designs of the lamps you get as well, like artwork, lamps can be viewed as those perfect design touches that really tie a space together.

Beach View

Best Weekend Beach Getaways In The US

While traveling throughout the past six months was likely the last thing on all of our minds, many individuals are finding ways to go on mini vacations and remain completely safe in the midst of a global health crisis. Many people are taking road trips to avoid public transportation and hitting the beaches wherever they can! Wherever you are in the country, there are plenty of amazing beach towns that can be accessed in a safe and efficient way, here are few of the most popular ones: 

The Hamptons, New York: If you’re from Long Island or New York City, you’ve likely visited the Hamptons at one point or another. East Hampton, Southampton, and Montauk are some of the most popular beach tourist destinations every summer, and thanks to a multitude of new health and safety procedures from major hotel chains and rental companies like Airbnb, people can still go and safely enjoy a beach weekend. 

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East Hampton, New York

Monterey County, California: Fans of HBO’s Big Little Lies are likely very familiar with the beauty that is Monterey Country in California. It’s known as being one of the most picturesque spots on the California coast with large and open white sandy beaches, great local dining and shopping attractions, as well as several water sport rental businesses. During your weekend getaway, be sure to take the iconic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway towards Big Sur for some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. 

Saugatuck, Michigan: This beach town is about three hours from Chicago and is known as one of the most ideal destinations for Midwestern beach vacationing. Lake Michigan has a wonderful 10 mile stretch of shoreline, ensuring there’s plenty of room to social distance from any other beach goers. The surrounding area is known as the “art coast of Michigan” for its slew of galleries and small businesses. 

Outer Banks, North Carolina: The string of islands that make up the Outer Banks area of North Carolina is the perfect area for those who like water sports. It’s peaceful environment allows for isolated enjoyment, and by car it’s less than five hours away from Washington D.C.. The beaches in Outer Banks have long been known as the best beaches in North Carolina, and the local town has plenty of options for shopping, eating, and sleeping. 

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Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Cape Cod is less than two hours from Boston, depending on traffic, and is known as a “quintessential Massachusetts beach getaway.” There are plenty of quaint little towns to walk around in and enjoy, and six major swimming beaches that are family-friendly. The beaches often offer great conditions for surfing and fishing as well. 

Florida Keys, Florida: Out of the thousands of beaches in Florida the Florida Keys take the cake as one of the most popular destinations for Floridians. The Keys are about three-and-a-half-hours from Miami, and that drive is known as the “ultimate beach road trip” by locals. If you go to Key West you can also visit the southernmost tip in the continental US. 

Tybee Island, Georgia: This island is about four hours away from Atlanta and is the perfect beach getaway for those who need a break from their busy city lives. Georgia actually has a lot of beaches, but Tybee is definitely one of the most popular destinations for the state. Back River Beach specifically is known for being a small and isolated area, making it easy to social distance and avoid crowds. 

Galveston, Texas: When one thinks of Texas, a beach normally isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, Galveston proves that maybe it should be, as it’s home to a multitude of carnival attractions that are normally open under non-pandemic circumstances. The beach town also has a famous pier, museum, waterpark, and much more. There are several beaches to go to so you’ll have plenty of options to avoid large crowds as well.