James Bond Novels To Be Reissued With Removal Of “Offensive” Racial References 

Ian Fleming Publishing, which owns the rights to Ian Fleming’s works including the James Bond novels, has announced that they will be reissuing the famous spy novels with a handful of racial references removed and a disclaimer that the books “might use terms of attitudes considered offensive by modern readers.”

This April marks the 70 year anniversary of the publishing of Casino Royale, Fleming’s first book that features the famous James Bond character. The set of thrillers has been set to be reissued as a celebration of the anniversary. 

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The changes made to the novels include the removal of all mentions of the N-word, as well as references to the ethnicities of minor characters. 

According to the Telegraph, the disclaimers given to the reissued books will state: “This book was written at a time when terms and attitudes which might be considered offensive by modern readers were commonplace.”

“A number of updates have been made in this edition while keeping it as close as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set.”

Ian Fleming Publications also told the Telegraph that they had “reviewed the text of the original Bond books and decided our best course of action was to follow Ian’s lead.” 

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“We have made changes to Live and Let Die that he himself authorized. Following Ian’s approach, we looked at the instances of several racial terms across the books and removed a number of individual words or else swapped them for terms that are more accepted today but in keeping with the period in which the books were written,” the statement read. 

“We encourage people to read the books for themselves when they are reissued.”

In a similar fashion, a multitude of books by Roald Dahl were also changed after a review by sensitive readers. 

In Dahl’s case, words and phrases such as “enormously fat” to describe a character were simply changed to “enormous.” The goal of these changes is to maintain the original feelings the books gave many generations growing up, with a layer of protection added for new modern readers.

Daniel Craig Gets His Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame As ‘No Time To Die’ Flourishes Worldwide

Just like his drinks, Daniel Craig likes his star to be shaken, not stirred. On Wednesday evening, the long-time James Bond actor was awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Craig now becomes the 2,704th celebrity to earn a star on 7007 Holly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California (the street name is a nod to the legendary British agent).

“I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but it’s an absolute honor to be walked all over in Hollywood,” Craig said with a laugh. “If happiness was measured by the company we keep, then me being on this pavement surrounded by all of these legends makes me a very, very, very happy man,”

Craig, 53, has carried the role of 007 since he first starred in the film Casino Royale all the way back in 2006. Since then, Craig has appeared in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre, with No Time To Die set to be Craig’s swan song as Bond.

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During Craig’s time playing Bond, he has seen his and the franchise’s stardom skyrocket. Those collection of movies have grossed over $3 billion with inflation, with Skyfall grossing $1.1 billion (the most of any Bond film to date).

Along with Craig, No Time To Die stars Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, and Ana de Armas. Malek, who plays the villainous Safin, gave a heartwarming speech about Craig at the unveiling. In addition to explaining how Craig helped to calm him down when the two first met on set, Malek also went into detail about just how much passion Craig puts into his work.

We all know he’s [Craig] a suburb actor and he’s dedicated, and he could handle all of his own stunts with one hand tied behind his back and the other holding an negroni, but he’s as fastidious about his craft as he is about his empathy for everyone around him.”

No Time To Die hit theaters in the U.S. Friday. As Yahoo! Life notes, it had gone through quite the production ride. Originally eyed for a 2019 release date, the film kept getting pushed back due to director changes and eventually the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, those obstacles clearly didn’t stop No Time To Die from succeeding. The film has already grossed around $121 million worldwide, and is also the first theatrical release in the Pandemic era to generate more than a $100 million without China.

The film is receiving plenty of praise as well, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it an 84% rating.

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Buzz has already began to swarm about which actor could take over the Bond mantle. According to US-Bookies, Regé-Jean Page is the favorite to land the prestigious gig with 5/2 odds. Tom Hardy is tied with Jame Norton at 3/1 odds, followed by Henry Cavill at 7/1 odds. Idris Elba, who was a frequently talked-about choice in the past, has 8/1 odds.

If chosen, Page would become the first black James Bond. Additionally, the possibility of a woman taking over the role of Bond has also been discussed. Craig himself weighed in on the debate, telling Radio Times that it is on Hollywood to develop better roles like Bond for women.

“There should simply be better parts for women and actors of colour. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?”

As what comes next for Craig, he could be looking forward to playing more light-hearted roles. He is currently set to reprise his role as Detective Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2. However, there is no doubt Craig’s already left his mark in cinematic history.

Sunrise over Country Estate

The Country Estate That Inspired James Bond Novel’s Is On The Market

A country estate in Saratoga, New York, that helped inspire former British Intelligence officer, Ian Fleming, write his now famous James Bond novels, including Diamonds Are Forever and Goldfinger, is currently on the market for almost $3 million. 

Fleming never actually owned the property itself, but was a long-term house guest on multiple occasions. The Black Hole Hollow Farm is listed as a historic farm on the border of New York and Vermont. The property itself is on a plot of land that’s over 400 acres big, and was owned in the 1950’s by Josephine Huntington Hartford Bryce, who at the time was the heir to the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Bryce was married to John Felix Charles Ivar Bryce, who was also a British Intelligence Officer and close friend to Fleming, hence the multiple long-term visits. 

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According to the listing, the farm is “Nestled within a quiet valley, the farm is an idyllic landscape encompassing the White Creek, tiered ponds, open pastures and miles of wide private trails bordering a 5,000-acre forest preserve. At its center is an 18th-century farmhouse surrounded by picturesque English gardens.”

Fleming created the character of James Bond in 1953, and the story goes that he was spending an extended vacation at Black Hole Hollow Farm in search of inspiration for his novel when the idea originally came to him; little did he know it would inspire him to create one of the most iconic fictional spy characters of all time.

The listing states that Fleming mainly stayed in one of the guest quarters known as the “Yellow Room.” He often spent his time on the farm taking long hikes throughout the woods and hilly landscapes surrounding the property; an endless source of inspiration for the average writer. In regards to the property itself, Fleming once wrote that he “lived [there] like a king – an uninvited one – in fragrant and luxurious solitude.” Definitely a solid selling point for potential buyers. 

Fleming published his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1953 and the instant success of the work motivated him to write 13 more Bond books; the remainder of his writing accolades include two non-fiction novels and the classic children’s book, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which like all the James Bond novels was later turned into a movie. 

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Fleming may have passed in 1961, but the Bond legacy that he’s left behind is still thriving as if he just released the first novel yesterday. In fact, for the first time in five years the world is finally getting another James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig titled No Time To Die; which will be Craig’s fifth and final movie installment playing the spy. 

It’s difficult to say if Fleming knew how much of a success all of his work would have, however, in terms of inspiration he really was in the perfect setting. Additional perks of the Black Hole Hollow Farm include four barns on the property and a riding arena for any potential equestrian buyers. Horse-lovers should also note that the property itself is only 30 miles away from the Saratoga Race Course, which is famously known as the home of America’s oldest horse races, the Travers Stakes.

The listing also states that the property has “six bedrooms, elegant reception rooms with fireplaces, an office, dining room for large dinner parties and fully updated gourmet kitchen. Complementing the main house are four dwellings: the lodge and cottage, each with three bedrooms; the two-bedroom Federal House; and the Milk House, a one-bedroom home. Other amenities include a maple syrup production facility, a greenhouse with a koi pond, an outdoor swimming pool and three stocked ponds.”