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One Doctor Offers A Solutions To The United States’ Ventilator Shortage

Dr. Jeffrey Berman is the medical director of  the SOBA New Jersey and Discovery Institute, and is a board-certified anesthesiologist and consultation-addiction psychiatrist. Dr. Berman recently wrote an article for The Healthcare Standard in which he emphasized the importance of ventilators during the Covid-19 pandemic we’re currently enduring. Beyond that, however, he discussed how “the immediate requirement for tens of thousands of these ventilators suggests the need for a simple, more easily-constructed, and less-expensive device.” 

Dr. Berman himself is an innovator in medical devices and medical delivery systems in private practice, public health, and in the military as well. Within his career, and the past few months especially, Berman has been available to assist governmental, public, private, and non-profit agencies meet their urgent demands for crucial medical supplies; such as ventilators. So Berman has seen first-hand how intense it can get when the supply doesn’t match the demand in terms of medical resources. 

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These ventilators in general have been imperative to the recovery process for those infected by the Covid-19 virus. When an individual can’t fully breathe on their own, they’re put on a ventilator. What this device does is allow a patient’s lungs to rest and recover while the ventilator itself simulates the actions of breathing in order to supply oxygen normally to the body. 

Berman wanted to emphasize in his article that most of the ventilators being used in healthcare facilities throughout the US are made by big business manufacturers, such as GE or Philips, therefore, they’re complex in design. These complexities mean each ventilator is made up of thousands of customized small parts, which is why they can also cost up to $34,000 each.  

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Berman went on to discuss a multitude of alternative ventilators that work just as effectively as the ones mentioned above, at a fraction of the cost. One example he listed was the Bird Mark ⅞ ventilator, which is a low-tech, easy to manufacture device that doesn’t even require electricity to work. The ventilators cost up to $2000 each, and were originally created/used during World War II for soldiers with respiratory or cardiovascular problems brought on by altitude changes; they were mainly used for the Army Air Corps. 

“This mechanically simple device can be rapidly manufactured from easily sourced components. The Bird Mark 7/8 is a viable ventilator solution for the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Berman explained.

Dr. Berman wants the American people to recover from this pandemic smoothly, and with universal access to whatever treatment plans come about within the next few months. By emphasizing points about cheaper solutions that have literally helped our soldiers survive some of the deadliest wars in World History, Berman is proving that we have the solutions, it’s just a matter of utilizing them. You can read the rest of his article here.

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