Interdisciplinary Learning Creates A Classroom Of Creation And Inclusion | Joan Gillman

Elementary school students are learning at an age where they’re naturally curious about the world around them. They desire to ask questions while also engaging in creative activities that give them a means of expression and are integral for their development. That’s why established educators like Joan Gillman have spent their careers creating a classroom environment of interdisciplinary learning, where students can embrace the lessons taught in all subject areas while utilizing their creativity. This not only teaches students that they can make a real difference in the world, but provides them with a sense of inclusivity.

Eileen Mendel The Balanced Millionaire

Empowering Executives to Lead with Purpose and Principle | Eileen Mendel

Effective leadership is crucial in the ever-changing business world, and leadership consulting provides valuable guidance in developing the skills and mindset for success. Eileen Mendel, an experienced consultant and CEO of The Balanced Millionaire, empowers executives to build values-driven companies. Having forged her own way as an entrepreneur, her personal journey informs her work.