Drew Barrymore Announces Launch Of Lifestyle Magazine 

Drew Barrymore has become a lifestyle guru within the past decade of her career. Between her numerous acting jobs, role as talk show host, and overall social media presence, the mogul has become a major influencer in terms of how people lead their everyday lives. 

‘Drew’ will be a quarterly lifestyle magazine which will aim to continue the same legacy that Oprah Winfrey led with her O Magazine brand. Fashion and lifestyle magazines in general have been closing or reducing their output within the past year as a result of the pandemic, and a lack of interest in the subject matter that these publications pushed. 

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Barrymore, however, is hoping that her magazine will revitalize the lifestyle/fashion/wellness magazine brand, especially considering the pandemic is coming to an end. 

“Magazines are such a huge part of my life and they’re such a huge part of my inspiration for everything I do. I’ve lined my walls with magazine tear sheets since I was like 10 years old. I have a picture of myself in my bedroom and it’s like floor to ceiling and wall to wall. I’ve always loved magazines because of the paper and the experience,” Barrymore explained. 

According To Barrymore, Drew the magazine will emphasize her role as a celebrity, and feature her experiences with beauty, travel, and food. The magazine will first be made available at Walmart and then all US newsstands a week later, and it will retail for $10. She calls the project an “optimism magazine that is both very commercial and very personal.”

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Crystal Meers is expected to act as editor-in-chief for the magazine; Meers used to contribute to Gweneth Paltrow’s Goop website. Christy Doramus will serve as the magazine’s editor-at-large and Barrymore will be providing an “agony aunt” column along with acting as the founder of the publication. 

The magazine will be published by Bauer Media, and while both Bauer and Barrymore are aware of the risk of publishing a magazine in 2021, they have confidence people will be reaching for it. “A lot of the magazines that are struggling are very, very driven by advertising. Our focus is always on the consumer revenue stream. And we start with something that can make money just from engaging the consumer the right way. Our philosophy has always been if we do that, the advertisers will follow, versus trying to start someplace where we think there’s a really nice ad market and what can we create to satisfy that.”

“My goal with the magazine is to get to do a second one and to keep going from there,” Barrymore said.

“You just need chances so I hope to get the chance to do another one. That’s where my focus is – not being afraid and not planning too far ahead for what I don’t know is possible yet. I’ve never been good when people are like: ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ I’m like: ‘I have no idea.’”

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