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“Storm Area 51” Event Has Small Nevada Towns Preparing For The Worst

The tiny desert towns of Nevada are preparing for this worst this weekend. It’s no surprise that Area 51 remains one of America’s greatest wonders, so when a parody event was created on Facebook to storm the highly protected military base, people we’re actually into it. The groups tagline was “there’s no way they can stop us all” and “lets see them aliens”, which warranted almost three million individuals responding that they would be attending. 

Matty Roberts was the 20 year old who created the initial Facebook group, and he eventually severed ties and cancelled the online event out of fear of being held liable for a potential “Fyre Fest” type disaster, as more and more Alien searching festival events began appearing for the same weekend. The biggest event that was in the works was known as “Alienstock” a Woodstock type music festival that was meant to occur this weekend (September 20th-22nd) in Rachel, Nevada the town closest to the highly secured Area 51. The event was to be held at the “Little ÁLÉINN” (aka “Little Alien Inn”) which is a 2 person owned motel/bar. The venue actually received approval from the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners last week to let 10,000+ individuals camp out in the desert on the Inn’s property for the festival. However, without any proper planning and the fact that the festival was planned surrounding a joke, Roberts cancelled before any real damage was done. 

“Due to the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees, we decided to pull the plug on the festival,” Roberts said in a statement to FOX NewsEven though the biggest planned event was cancelled, the surrounding Nevada counties are still preparing for the worst. Two Nevada counties have already filed an emergency declaration.

The County Commission Chairman, Varlin Higbee, told FOX News that “officials are taking seriously the possibility that a surge of visitors could overwhelm campsites, fuel stops, and public medical, internet and cell phone service. With the initial possibility of 35,000-40,000 people showing up, yeah, this is serious.”

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The Little ÁLÉINN Motel Desert Grounds – Where “AlienStock” Was To Be Held

Starting Thursday, many police and emergency vehicles will be stationed along US 93 toward the Area 51 site, and flights coming into the surrounding area will be restricted. According to the Federal Aviation Administration “pilots are not allowed to operate aircraft near the Nevada National Security Site from 7 a.m. on Thursday through the same time on Sunday.”

Local tour guides have said their businesses have already hindered, due to a massive increase in security for the surrounding areas. Normally, guides can get within a certain vicinity and allow tourists to take photographs of the desert area, main gate entrance, and distant military base. However, security seems to be stopping them before they can get anywhere close to the bases entries. Some of the local tour businesses are even cancelling some Vegas tours that include entering the surrounding desert of the military base, out of safety concerns, and worry of the very few local gas stations running out of fuel. 

Authorities are especially worried about the tourists who really don’t know the area, due to the surrounding roads being so tricky to navigate, and the concern for fuel supply, which is one of the reasons so many emergency vehicles will be posted throughout the region. It’s a very real possibility that tourists will get themselves stranded if they don’t plan accordingly.  The main roads leading up to the entrance of Area 51 intersect with many other roads and dirt paths, making it really easy to accidentally end up on private property, which in that county especially is a serious offense that could lead to large fines and jail time.

Authorities and the 50 citizens of Rachel, Nevada are preparing for the worst for this weekend, but the reality is no one really knows what to expect. “Nobody for sure knows what’s going to happen in the next few days here, it’s one of those things that time will tell,” a local officer told Fox News. So if you’re thinking of being one of the individuals planning on “storming” one of the most protected military bases in the country, maybe just stay home and watch “Alien Vs. Predator” instead, I’m sure it’ll be the same effect.