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How This CEO Has Been Able To Travel Safely Over 30 Times In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Mika Manninen has been on the road for approximately 75% of 2020 thanks to a specific health and safety routine he’s been adhering to.

Delta Airline on Screen

Delta Among Airlines Adding Passengers Who Refuse To Wear Masks To No-Fly List

Travelling anywhere during the coronavirus pandemic poses a certain level of risk, but getting on a plane especially is cause for taking as many precautions as possible. Many airlines have begun implementing mandatory health and safety procedures such as social distancing markers within all airports, requiring facial coverings at all times, and removing middle seat options from being purchased.

For the most part, major airlines throughout the US are taking these procedures seriously and mandating them within all locations. Delta, specifically, wants their customers to understand how important these policies are, and have gone so far as to place people on the no-fly list for refusing to wear a mask while on board. 

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Delta CEO Ed Bastian recently spoke with the media about the company’s mask policy, claiming that while some consumers may think being added to the no-fly list is “excessive,” they believe health and safety is number one priority always. 

“We’ve been… steadily and rather aggressively stepping up our enforcement of the mask policy. If you board the plane and you insist on not wearing your mask, we will insist that you don’t fly Delta into the future.”

The airline has had this policy implemented since the beginning of this pandemic, however, they only recently began seriously enforcing it as a part of their “Clearance-to-Fly” program. This program requires all passengers who claim to have medical conditions that exempt them from wearing a mask to go through a lengthy process to get pre-approval, however, the airline more so suggests that if you are one of these individuals, to stay home and not get on any sort of plane. 

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Delta began blocking out middle seat ticket listings to restrict airplane capacity in May, and is planning on continuing this until at least the end of September, however, it’s more dependent on how much worse the pandemic gets within the next two months. Bastian claims that all planes are also consistently sanitized between flights and layovers. 

“I know there’s a lot of anxiety in the general public — and even for road warriors who have been out flying for years — their first time back, there’s a level of angst that they need almost be walked through the process.”

Bastian claims that while he’s ready for traditional airline travel to resume, he knows that a vaccine is the only thing that will make everyone feel comfortable getting on a plane again, as he feels the same way. “We need some medical confidence back in consumers and continue to restore confidence in air travel.”

Southwest Airlines is one of the more recent companies to require all passengers wear a mask with no exceptions; regardless of any medical conditions that may prevent someone from wearing one. They claim if you have an illness severe enough to hinder your ability to wear a mask, you shouldn’t be getting on a plane in the middle of a global health crisis in general. 

American and United airlines also claimed that they would temporarily ban passengers from flying on their planes if they refuse to wear a mask on board like Delta.

Amtrack Train

Amtrak Offers Buy One Get One Free Deal On Roomette Tickets

Amtrak is offering a new opportunity this summer to encourage individuals to get back to travelling in a safe way this summer. The rail service is offering a buy-one-get-one-free discount for its “roomette” accommodations. Basically, every time a person books a roomette for themselves they will receive a second ticket for free.

A roomette on Amtrak includes two lounge seats that can be converted into beds, a large window, fresh towels/linens, and access to a private bathroom and shower within the train car. A car attendant is also available to provide turndown service and assist you with meal options, luggage, and can even provide information about the areas you’re passing through if you’re feeling more of a tourist vibe on your journey. According to Amtrak spokesperson Olivia Irwin, the car attendants have “great stories of life on the rails” any traveler would be interested in hearing.

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“All customers in private rooms receive complimentary lounge access at major stations, priority boarding and complimentary meals on board.”

The offer currently only lasts between July 7th – 17th and will only be valid for trips that will take place between July 13th to September 30th. The tickets and deals are also based on availability and won’t be used for travelers on Amtrak’s Auto Train; the train that allows customers to bring their vehicle on the ride.

Riders must book their trip at least three days in advance and no other discounts will be able to be applied to the purchase if they’re taking advantage of the buy-one-get-one deal. Cancellation fees apply depending on how close the cancellation is to the actual date of departure/booking.

The website lists a few example prices for trips that the deal can be applied to. Some of these trips include a $193 journey from Chicago to Minneapolis (or vice versa), a $319 trip from Washington D.C. to Chicago, and a $243 trip from Atlanta to New Orleans. All pricing listed is good for two individual round-trip tickets.

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Other Amtrak lines that are applying the roomette deal in the US include California Sephyr, Capitol Limited, Cardinal, the entire City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Silver Service, Texas Eagle, and Empire Builder to name a few.

Guests will be able to access the discount by entering the code “V306” when booking their tickets on the Amtrak app or on the companies website; which lays out instructions on when to enter the code as well.

Amtrak in general has already implemented a multitude of health and safety measures for its daily commuters amid the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Ticket change and cancellation fees for regular tickets have been waived for any trip reservation made by August 31st; if you use the discount code cancellation fees will still apply.

Regular ticket sales have also remained limited to maintain social distancing between all passengers at all times. Cleaning and disinfecting methods have been increased especially for high-touch surfaces among the train and station. Clear protective barriers have been implemented into most Amtrak stations, and passengers are required to wear face coverings on trains and in stations at all times unless they book a private room.

To prevent crowing, they’re strongly encouraging all their customers to arrive at least 30 minutes before their departure time to avoid overcrowding the station and its employees. Food services have been made for carry-out only and physical distancing markers and signs have been added. So if you and a loved one decide to book a ticket using this deal, make sure you act fast and stay safe just like Amtrak is trying to.

Fathers Day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Get For Your Outdoorsy Dad

If you have a father who enjoys travelling, he’s probably struggling with the thought of remaining indoors for the rest of the summer amid the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since Father’s Day is coming up, now is the perfect time to get the special man in your life something that will remind him of life before the pandemic, and also that this will be over soon, and he’ll be able to hit the road soon enough!

This city map glass from the brand Uncommon Goods combines two great dad stereotypes, drinking dark liquor, and cheesy tourist gifts. The glasses are customizable for most US cities, so you can get a different one for every trip you and your dad took together, one for all the places you want to go in the future, your hometown, or all of the above!

A Fitbit Fitness Activity Tracker is a great staple gift to get for any active individual in your life, but if your dad is responsible for walking the family dog everyday, doing the food shopping, or in general just likes going for long hikes, this gift will be perfect for fathers day. The bracelet tracks how many steps you take in a day, your heart rate, sleeping patterns, and even has built-in GPS and Spotify capabilities. 

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The Jack Black Grand Tour Collection of toiletries for men is a widely popular travel grooming kit for middle-aged men (the company’s main demographic) on the go. The kit comes with deodorant, SPF moisturizer, shaving cream, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

The popular “Better Sweater” quarter-zip pullover from outdoorsy brand Patagonia is a super soft classic long-sleeve fleece that will definitely keep your dad warm during the cooler months of the year. You can wear it by itself in the fall, or under a winter coat for an extra layer of warmth. 

Polarized sunglasses in general make amazing gifts for dads. I think we all know what I mean when I say the term “dad sunglasses” so give your old man some style advice by buying him a fresh pair of polarized glasses. These will not only offer the best protection against the sun, but will also help your dad’s wardrobe upgrade a little. 

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If your dad fulfills every aspect of the man’s man dad stereotype, then this Leatherman Wave multi-tool should be a great gift for him. This sleek and portable tool packs in 16 different tool options, including a serrated knife, saw, pliers, a wrench, etc. 

Dads are also famously known for not knowing how to pack for vacation. Most don’t even have a solid overnight bag for shorter trips, so get your dad a nice new duffle bag. The gear we travel with is a part of our overall travel style as well, so by getting your dad a cool new faux leather bag, you’ll be indirectly helping upgrade his wardrobe yet again. 

Yeti has become one of the most popular cooler brands for the avid traveler/camper. The Yeti Hopper M30 Cooler is one of their more well-known products, and it has the same indestructible easy to carry chilling technology that the brand is famous for. 

Finally, no dad is complete without a solid pair of wireless headphones to listen to his music with. There are many brands of wireless headphones out there, and all are relatively credible, the kind you should get is more dependent on how much money you want to spend. The Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless headphones are very popular at the moment and retail for $300, while Apple’s original Airpod design currently retails for about half of that.

Woman Waking Up Refreshed

How To Improve Sleep When You’re A Frequent Traveler

Traveling for short-periods of time can often ruin our sleep schedules. Whether it be for business, a wedding, research, etc. travelling distant places for short periods of time can have detrimental effects to the way we sleep, and therefore how our bodies function during a given day. So what can you do to ensure that your mini weekend trips won’t hinder your overall sleep patterns? 

First off, there’s something in the business world known as the “two-day rule” which basically states if you are expecting to be away from home for less than 48 hours total, stick to your normal nightly routine. Even if you’re going somewhere with a different time zone, your body will typically take two full days to adjust and change its schedule to a seemingly “normal” level, so if you just go about your evenings as per usual, and in sync with your native time zone, your body will have less of a struggle adjusting once you return home. 

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So if you can, try to ask for accommodations in whatever obligations you have at your destination so that you can be back in bed at the same time you normally are. When you keep both your physical and mental state in tune with its regular habits, you’ won’t have as much of a need to adjust your sleep schedule when away for short periods of time. 

Make sure you’re packing all of your sleep necessities. Nothing causes more unnecessary stress than when you’re getting ready for bed only to realize that you forgot your toothbrush and face wash at home. Before you go on any sort of trip, it’s necessary to make a checklist of all the things that you need to bring with you. This especially includes all toiletry items that have become staples in your morning and night routines.  

Recreating your sleep environment from home in a hotel room can be extremely tricky, however, having all the necessary elements there will make it a lot easier. In addition to your normal face washing, teeth brushing, and whatever else you do during your routine, add in some extra flare to make yourself especially comfortable. Apply a face mask, throw on a “chill vibes” playlist from Spotify or Youtube, and order some dessert. 

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Another way to create a more positive and relaxed sleep setting for yourself is to avoid any and all screens an hour before going to bed. This is especially important if your short trip is business related. Close out of your emails, silence your texts, and draw yourself a bath. The blue light that’s emitted from all screens has been proven to have negative effects on how easily we are able to fall asleep, and how long we stay asleep. 

On the opposite end, certain apps on your phone can actually help aid sleep, but don’t require you to stare at the screen in order to do so. Apps like Headspace and Calm are literally designed to offer guided meditations and peaceful tunes to send you into a peaceful slumber. 

Finally, do some preliminary work before you leave home in the first place. The night before your travels, make sure you’re getting a full eight hours of sleep and eating a healthy breakfast in the morning when you wake up. Avoid caffeine for as long as you can, while it may feel great in the moment, as most of us know it can cause us to lag in the middle of the day, so wait until you’ve eaten and had at least one cup of water first. 

By sticking to a schedule, maintaining healthy night time and morning habits, and listening to your body’s needs, you’ll be able to travel around for as long as you need and as often as you need without any of the additional stresses of readjusting once your home.

Seville Spain

Where To Go On Your Next Solo Vacation

Travelling is one of the most enchanting and fulfilling experiences we can do while here on Earth. When the stars align enough to the point that we’ve saved enough money and vacation days to take a much needed trip away from our everyday lives, it seems like a no-brainier. However, what happens when you get to a place in your life when no one you’re close to is as available as you to take said vacation? Solo-travel may not seem like it would be your top priority, however, there’s something truly gratifying about wanting to go out into the world and experience something new by yourself, and then actually doing it. So where should you go on your next independent journey? 

Seville, Spain has practically every element of Hispanic culture all in one city. From a series of historical cathedrals and other houses of worship, cobblestone roads, and bars and eateries lining the borders of countless plaza’s, you can’t go wrong. Seville has been described as one of the most social European cities out there, as residents spill into the streets everyday and spend their time wandering around, making new connections, and taking in the beauty that is traditional Spain. 

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Seville, Spain

If you are looking to stay in America, California is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. But instead of going to the traditional California getaway spots, like San Diego or LA, try going someplace more scenic and secluded, like Redding. Redding is one of California’s nicest up and coming spots for those who love all things nature and outdoors. There’s a bunch of protected grounds to hike and explore, such as the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and Six Rivers National Forest.

Thailand has become one of the most popular international vacation destinations to date. Bangkok, to be more specific, is described as a “one place fits all” type of experience. The city is not only oozing with culture, wildlife, and a multitude of markets, but it also is known for its insane nightlife. Electric neon lights, bass-heavy beats, and individuals in the most colorful club attire you’ve ever seen fill the streets at night, giving a “I never want this to end!!” type feeling to all involved. 

Paris, France is a bit of a no brainier when it comes to “dream vacation” spots and that’s exactly why it’s worth mentioning here. Paris is rich with European culture and museums as far as the eye could see holding some of the world’s finest art. In fact, you can get a Museum Pass in Paris for 74 Euros and that one pass will give you entry into 50 different historic sites. The best part? The pass is good for six days, so you don’t have to worry about cramming all of the sights to see in one day. 

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Staying in Europe, Wales in the United Kingdom has become a much more popular tourist destination within the past decade. Wales is one of the few places in Europe with beautiful white sandy beaches and postcard worthy sunset views. Additionally, Wales is known for its uniquely colorful architecture, immersive meadow fields and medieval castles, as well as plenty of places to grab a pint and a quick bite to eat. 

If you’re a bit of an alcoholic beverage connoisseur, look no further than Belgium for your next tour of some of the world’s greatest breweries. Belgium alone has over 150 breweries, and is known for its active biking culture. There’s a bike shop on nearly every corner and plenty of dedicated bike paths throughout the country, allowing for easy access to some of the most breathtaking European views you’ll ever see. 

Finally, one of the more underrated destinations on anyone’s list would have to be the state of Utah. While Utah may seem like your average middle-America place to be, it’s actually becoming quite the hot spot during the summer months. Utah is home to  Zion National Park, Goblin Valley State Park, and the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument on the border of Utah and Arizona. If you can, try to hit any of these spots at night for some of the most incredible stargazing spots you’ll ever see, at least in America. 

Regardless of where you decide to take yourself on your next solo trip, make sure you take the time to plan out what exactly you want to do. All of the locations listed above are known for their hospitality and social scenes, so you likely will never have an issue when it comes to asking for directions, or finding a good place to eat. So go on your own Eat, Pray, Love journey and go be with yourself for a week.

Carry On Luggage

Carry-On Travel Essentials For Your Next Flight

When it comes to travelling, preparation is key. “Who, what, where, when, why, and how” takes on a whole new meaning in regards to packing and prepping for the journey you’re about to embark on, wherever that is. Besides what you need for the trip itself, if you find yourself booking a long flight to paradise, you’re going to need to bring some things to keep you entertained and at ease while you’re en route. So make sure you leave room for some of these essentials in your carry-on. 

To start, make sure you have a quality carry-on to begin with. Most aircrafts can support bags of a relatively large size on board now, but a large backpack should suffice all your needs that don’t fit in your checked bag. Try to find something with a lot of zipped pockets and padding. While it may take you longer to figure out which pocket has what in it, you’ll be more relaxed knowing that all of your belongings are zipped up and secured with you. 

Let’s start by going through the on board essentials that make any flight much more bearable. A neck pillow is the first thing that comes to most of our minds when we think of airplanes, as it should. Airplane seats can be unsupportive and lumpy, and a neck pillow offers the perfect amount of support for your neck and head when you’re trying to catch up on some sleep during your flight. Match that with a weighted eye mask and some earbuds and you’ll be as comfortable as one can be sleeping on a plane.  

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Makeup removing/facial cleansing wipes are an underrated essential to put in your carry-on. We all know that airlines see some of the most foot traffic of any industry, meaning there’s a ton of germs being transferred among all of us constantly. Hand sanitizer and general hand washing will help prevent you from getting sick (among other things), but staying relatively clean throughout a day of non-stop travel can be tough. Cleansing facial wipes will not only remove any makeup, dirt, or foreign bacteria from your face, but give you a more refreshed and clean feeling, something that’s pretty hard to accomplish while on an airplane. 

Along those same lines, toiletries are always good to have on hand when in the air. Since all airlines have pretty strict guidelines as to how much liquid you can bring onto a plane, head to your local drug store to ensure that you’re getting the right size of everything to take on board. Most drug stores, like CVS or RiteAid, have a travel section where they sell mini bottles of things like mouthwash and toothpaste that already fit the size requirements of most major airlines. Pick up some mini mouthwash, toothpaste, and maybe a new mini toothbrush, in case you eat a lovely airplane meal and want your breath to feel a little fresher after. Deodorant is another great thing to have on hand. 

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Sticking to self-care and hygiene, a face mask can be an extremely fun way to pass the time on a flight, and a great way to keep up with your skincare routine. Travelling in general can really stress our skin out; the change in altitude, environment and air can lead to dryness, irritation, and breakouts. Packing a sheet mask in your carry-on is the cleanest face mask option one could bring on a flight. You simply unfold it and place it on your skin, and when you’re done you can just throw it out, no sink or washing off required. While you may look a little strange, most people know what a sheet mask is, and besides, you’re going on vacation and will likely never see these individuals again, so just go for it. 

It should go without saying that you should pack some in-flight entertainment for yourself. In case none of the movie options appeal to you, download some of your favorite films onto your phone, tablet, or laptop the night before you leave. This way, you likely won’t even need the on-board WiFi to watch, and you have a simple way to pass a few hours. 

To keep your devices charged up, pack a portable charger. Some flights have outlets or USB ports for your chargers, but those can be flimsy or not even work. By packing your own fully charged external battery, along with all of the appropriate cords for your devices, you will ensure that no matter how much you’re using your electronics, they won’t run out of battery. 

Finally, bring a change of clothes. Yes I know, you’re technically packing a whole bunch of outfit changes in your regular suitcase, but planning ahead for the climate of your destination, and potential changes in cabin temperature, will ensure that you remain fully comfortable throughout your travels. In addition, once you arrive, you can easily change in the airport so you’re ready for wherever it is you decided to go!

Man Travelling with backpack

How To Travel With Just A Backpack

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can go through. Exploring the vast and changing world and seeing a life lived by many, but foreign to you, is enlightening. However, in order to properly travel, you need to get through the physical travelling part of it. Whether it be by car, plane, train, or bus, getting to your destination can be half the battle, especially if you’re like most individuals and struggle with packing. 

Packing for any sort of trip can be difficult, but it’s especially hard when you’re going to a place you’ve never been to before. You have to account for weather, what activities you’re planning on doing, places you’ll go, environmental conditions, etc. there’s just a lot to plan for. Even if you pack light and think you can fit everything into your personal bag and carry-on, the airport can still hit you with that pink tag indicating you need to check your bag due to overcrowding. Packing light is often the best way to travel, and really engulf yourself in your surroundings, so try to only pack a personal bag. You read that right, just pack the one single bag that can fit under your chair. It may seem impossible, but with some helpful tips, tools, sacrifices and space manipulation, anything is possible. 

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The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have the right type of bag. According to Outside Online Magazine the best option for single-bag travelling is a backpack. A backpack will ensure that you have the most space, and is easier to hold than something like a purse or messenger bag. Backpacks often have many inner pockets that are perfect for making sure your smaller personal items are safe and secure and not loosely being knocked around. Look for something on the larger side and in a hiking category. While you may not be planning on taking any hikes during your travels, although if you are having a backpack is another perk, backpacks that are equipped for hiking normally have the most space and compartments to hold everything you need. Amazon and Target definitely have cheap options, especially if your shopping after all those “Back to school” promotions, however, don’t be afraid to spend more money for better quality. If this bag is going to follow you all throughout your future travels and potentially be your only travel bag, you want it to be good quality. 

Just because you have one big bag to accompany you on your travels, that doesn’t mean smaller bags are out of the question. Laptop holders and tech pouches are great safe options to guarantee your devices won’t be scuffed or damaged while inside of your bag. These bags can also hold any important travel documents, or any other important papers, which would also ensure that all your valuables are in the same place within your bag, and you won’t need to dig to find them. Additionally, a small make up bag for toiletries will help keep each compartment in your bag organized. Go on Amazon, or out to a local drug store, and pick up travel size containers for your shampoo, soap, moisturizing needs. You can purchase multi-packs of mini squeeze bottles online that are perfect for saving space and travelling with all your bathroom needs. Remember, you want to pack light, so if you’re going to stay somewhere that you know will have things like soap, towels, toothpaste, etc. then leave it at home, less is more!

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Now for the fun part, clothing. While it may seem impossible to fit an entire trips worth of clothing into a backpack, it is, if you’re willing to make it work. First of all, make sure the outfit you’re wearing on the day of your travels have pieces that you can get a lot of use out of. Wear a nice and standard jacket that you can use and rework to fit any occasion. A bomber or flannel could work, even a jean jacket could do the job. Make sure your pants are also just as versatile, and are also comfortable enough to leisure in for hours at a time. Versatility is key here, keep it generic with shirts and bring a spare or two only. Underwear is small enough that it can fit in those small compartments throughout your backpack, the same goes for socks. If you have access to a laundry machine, you really only need two outfits, the one you wear the day of, and an extra. This was you’ll always have one full outfit while the others being cleaned.

For optimal storage, roll your clothing instead of folding, the minimal surface area and cylinder shape will allow the clothes to fit together within the bag much easier. Place the clothing at the bottom of the bag first so you get the most important pieces packed. From this point on you can work with everything else you have to pack like pieces of a puzzle to make it all fit. While traveling with one single bag may not seem ideal, it will ensure that your trip is about one thing and one thing only, the experience. Chances are you’ll be able to buy more clothing and a duffel bag wherever you’re going to anyway, so don’t sweat it and focus on the journey.

Car Travel

How To Itch The Travel Scratch, Without The Travelling

There’s no denying it, if we could, we’d all follow those inspiring Instagram influencers who tell us to just “live our lives and travel the world!!!!” However, the reality is that most of us aren’t receiving sponsored plane tickets to stay at a fancy resort paid for by some make-up brand to advertise it’s new foundation. Most of us are working 9-5 and just barely making ends meet, but why should that mean that we can’t experience the same joys that so many get from travelling? There are plenty of ways that individuals can recreate that “wanderlust” type euphoria that comes when discovering new places, right at home! 

The first thing you can do is imagine up your dream vacation, and write it down. The “Bucket List Vacation” is a new trend sweeping millennials, and gives you an ultimate goal to work towards. If you want to go to Italy only so you can get an espresso from a specific cafe in Calabria where your grandparents first met, do it! Or at least write that down as a goal for when you finally save up enough coins in your “travel” jar. No matter how silly of a reason, it’s special to you specifically and that’s all that matters! Your vacations are meant to be YOUR time to rest and relax however you choose. So create a whole Bucket List just for places you want to see within your lifetime, and forget everyone else…unless you want to plan a trip to Paris with all your BFF’s or something, then totally go for it. 

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Love Padlocks At ‘Le Pont Des Arts’ In Paris, A Popular Bucket List Vacation

Now that you have a list of dream vacation destinations, let’s figure out how you can scratch the travel itch until then. First, take a language class. Learning a new language is an amazing way to not only be introduced to a new culture from the comfort of your own home, but also experience it for yourself. It can allow you to take a certain mental escape and embrace another cultures art of communication. Additionally, you can learn the language that is native to one of your bucket list locations, this way, you’ll be more prepared and comfortable to actually go!

Food is another incredible way to recreate that “travelers high” so many are chasing. Trying a new cuisine offers the same level of cultural experience as travelling to the actual place. When I say try a new cuisine, I don’t mean go to a new Chinese restaurant as opposed to your usual spot, but actual new cuisine. Try new foods from anywhere, even if it scares you. 

“Eating and appreciating something new reduces our fear of a foreign place, there’s a sense of familiarity when we’ve tasted a community’s food before we visit that community — and there’s an interest in the people, culture, and history as a result. Fundamentally, it makes us happy when we taste something different — there’s a moment of enlightenment, of realizing that there is something else out there in the vast universe that we’ve suddenly grasped — and it’s for that instant, the one that sparks an even greater hunger for understanding, that we taste new cuisines,” said chef and restaurateur Simone Tong, of New York’s Little Tong Noodle Shop, in an interview with Travel and Leisure’s Online Magazine.

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Chef Simone Tong of Little Tong Noodle Shop

Don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own city. Explore all the areas you know well already, but with a fresh perspective. Atlas Obscura’s city guides are a great resource to use to tell you all about the lesser known hot spots in your city and any special events occurring near you. Get in the car and go to the places you’ve never really explored because they’re viewed as “basic” or “overrated” tourist spots. Go into it with an open mind, even if it does end up being basic and uninteresting, at least you’re out of the house and experiencing the community. If it ends up being not your cup of tea, go somewhere in your city that is, this way you won’t view it as a wasted day. 

TREAT! YO! SELF! As we all have learned from the iconic episode of “Parks and Recreation,” the art of “treating yourself” to a day of complete pampering and spoiling yourself is normally exactly what the travel doctor orders. Recreate the hotel vacation experience by ordering food for delivery, getting into sweatpants, putting on a face mask and scented candle, and ordering a movie on demand. That’s right, avoid streaming, that’s easy, go out of your way to pay the $5 to rent a movie you’ve never seen, kick up your feet, and multitask with some online shopping. Yes, I know spending money kind of defeats the whole purpose of “travelling without the travel”, however, as stated previously vacations are meant to relax you and be for you. So who better knows what you like than you? Take an at home vacation for a day and go nuts, and don’t worry, you won’t get the credit card bill for another month, so you can worry about it then. 

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The final tip to be offered is to take a day trip. If you have access to a car, or public transportation, wake up early one day and go somewhere that’s not crazy far, but far enough that you’re going out of your way to get there. Even if it’s just getting a meal in a town 30 minutes from you, changing up the scenery from your normal hometown streets is good for your mental health. So often we all find ourselves getting stuck in the monotonous cycle of waking up, doing our morning routine, working, coming home, doing our nightly routine only to go to bed and start all over the next day. 

Changing up our routine and scenery as often as we can is important so that we don’t feel suffocated by our own schedules. On weekends, try to hang out with friends who you normally don’t see that often because they live far, same with family. Go to a new park and just be present, shop at a new boutique, look up local community events such as farmers markets and art shows. There’s something new in every town that you can do.

All of these experiences will not only embody the euphoria one experiences when travelling to a new place, but also prepares you for when you’re finally ready to check off all the different places on your bucket list.