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Veganuary Success Set To Embark on the U.S

Trying to live a more sustainable and greener life is nothing new for climate change advocates. Individual sustainability includes considering alternative renewable fuel sources, more environmentally friendly modes of transport and reducing plastic consumption.

Among those, interest is rapidly growing in living a vegan lifestyle, namely no eating or using animal based foods or products. Many initially choose to transition into a plant-based diet before adopting the principles across further areas of their life including clothing, cosmetics and home items such as cleaning products.

Veganuary, is a campaign dedicated to encouraging people to go vegan for the month of January, in the hope they may continue after the month has ended. A site dedicated to the monthly campaign has been set up to help encourage participants and provide support to new and existing vegans. It also hopes to encourage others, who may not be vegan, to make the switch and rethink some of their purchases through recipes and eating guides.

Since its launch in 2014, Veganuary is proud to have supported more than half a million people worldwide, covering over 178 countries, and this year Veganuary will be moving into the United States to increase the uptake rates for 2020. In 2019 over 250,000 people in the UK alone pledged to ditch animal based products – something which they are looking to beat.

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Many fast-food and store brands are recognizing the demand in Vegan food offerings, with many altering their menus to accommodate vegan alternatives of already firm favorites or creating whole new specialist food ranges. To help aid its success, Veganuary has partnered with many food retailers, including Hellman’s who will feature special offers during the month. They will also be offering advice and tips on the ways in which participants can introduce a vegan lifestyle.

Veganuary is hoping to provide insight for people to make healthier and educated choices going forward with food. Not everyone is expected to take the leap into a completely Vegan lifestyle, but even introducing these principles gradually, by using ideas such as Meat-Free-Mondays, will all add up to make an impact on a global scale.

The campaign has got many big stars on board to increase participation, including the likes of Joaquin Phoenix who has eaten a vegan diet since childhood and has used his platforms throughout his career to share not only the health benefits but also helping to promote the sustainability of our planet through veganism. Other celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus have also been sharing their transition to vegan over the past years. Official ambassadors for Veganuary include Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone and Mayim Bialik.

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Health Benefits to Veganism

Many of the health benefits have been documented in the recent Netflix documentary “The Gamechangers” which has gained a lot of attention within the past few months. Peta, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, argues that the health benefits of eating a non-animal based diet to include:

Nutrient rich – Eating a vegan diet can provide all the nutrients you need in your diet away from meat eating, through whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, lentils and beans, nits, grains and seeds.

Wellness – By focusing on eating whole and good foods many have reported they feel better in themselves for making the change. Whether it is from the new found goodness and energy levels you might be experiencing from you new diet, the positivity from knowing you are eating a diet which doesn’t harm animals or even weight loss as reported by many, the new found wellness in yourself is a positive step to changing the way people eat.

Health – studies have shown that eating a vegan lifestyle can also contribute and lead to a better state of health particularly relating to type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and some cancers. With plant based foods being a natural source of antioxidants which have shown a positive effect on health

Benefits to our environment

Of course one of the main reasons many choose to eat Vegan is to solely to stop cruelty to and the killing of animals in producing meat for humans to consume. When looking more closely at our environment the raising of animals for food has a large impact on our planet’s resources, including land, food, energy and water and also the emphasis of the byproducts of animal agriculture adding to the pollution of our air and waters. Farms rearing animals are covering a lot of our lands, with space required to raise animals and grow crops to feed them and these animals and the process create waste which requires attention.

Veganuary aims to give people a new insight, taking a pledge to learn more and experience eating and using products conforming to vegan choices. Not everyone will take this on board permanently but by educating and making small changes such as introducing initiatives such as ‘Meat Free Mondays’ hopefully more people will begin to learn how their choices can make a difference.


Chipotle Launches Healthy ‘Lifestyle Bowls’ For The New Year

Chipotle made headlines in 2019 when they announced their new “lifestyle bowl” options on their menu. These different bowl variations were meant to accommodate those with certain dietary restrictions or those on specialty diets that have risen in popularity within the past few years (paleo, keto, veganism). By doing this Chipotle became the first fast-casual food brand to offer up pre-made menu options created with specific diets in mind. 

Now, Chipotle has made even more improvements to their Lifestyle bowl options by implementing supergreen salad mixes courtesy of the Whole30 diet plan. Currently, Chipotle only offers a romaine salad base with nothing else included. Now, the romaine-only option is being replaced with a Supergreen salad mix that includes a combination of hand-cut romaine, baby kale, and baby spinach. 

“At Chipotle, we are always looking for ways to innovate the existing menu offering. Lifestyle Bowls allow us to preconfigure our real ingredients, including the new Supergreens salad blend, in a way that helps our guests reach or maintain their health and wellness goals,” said Nevielle Panthaky, Vice President of Culinary at Chipotle. 

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The Supergreen addition is one of many new additions that Chipotle has made to their menus in recent months. In fact, the brand has been implementing multiple options from the Whole30 plan, such as adobo chicken and carne asada protein options. The difference between this meat and the traditional meat that Chipotle uses is the oil it’s cooked in. The Whole30 options are cooked in a healthier marinade that adheres to the restrictions that multiple diet plans have. 

Chipotle brought in about $1 billion in digital sales so far from the Lifestyle bowls alone, and now they hope to keep the success up with the new year. Chipotle knows one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to live a healthier and more active life. They also know that only 25% of people stick to their resolutions after the first 30 days of the year, and only 8% follow through for the entire year. In order to keep everyone motivated, Chipotle announced that they will be offering free delivery services for any Lifestyle bowl purchase made on the Chipotle app or website for the entire month of January. For the individuals working at Whole30, this piece of news was the most exciting. 

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“The new year is a popular time for people to participate in Whole30®, so we’re excited that Chipotle’s Lifestyle Bowls continue to take the stress out of healthy eating on-the-go. Convenience is key to staying on track, so I worked closely with the culinary team at Chipotle to create three compliant bowls for the Whole30® community,” said Melissa Hartwig Urban, Whole30® co-founder.

Chipotle added a total of three new Whole30 salad bowls to their menu, which are also joined by two Keto diet salad bowls, a paleo diet bowl, a high protein bowl, and vegan/vegetarian salad bowls (see below for a list of all the ingredients in each bowl). Chipotle is hopefully paving the way for many other fast-casual style restaurant chains to add pre-conceived menu options for those with dietary restrictions.

Dietary restrictions are made either intentionally when following a pre-made diet plan, or unintentionally when one is diagnosed with some sort of food allergen or constraint that means they have to make adjustments to their everyday lives to remain healthy. When this happens, it’s really easy for someone to get discouraged by all of the foods they now have to cut out of their diets. So when a restaurant offers a menu option that’s specifically made for someone with an individual restriction, it can make that transition feel a lot smoother. 

  • 3 Whole30® Salad Bowls: Supergreens, chicken, carne asada or carnitas, fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa and guacamole
  • 2 Keto Salad Bowls: Supergreens, steak or chicken, tomatillo-red salsa, cheese and guacamole
  • Paleo Salad Bowl: Supergreens, chicken, fajita veggies, tomatillo-green salsa and guacamole
  • High Protein Bowl: White rice, black beans, chicken (full portion), steak (full portion), tomatillo-red salsa, cheese, and shredded romaine lettuce
  • Vegan Bowl: Brown rice, black beans, plant-based Sofritas, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, shredded romaine lettuce
  • Vegetarian Salad Bowl: Supergreens, brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa, and guacamole


Vegan Bowl

Veganism Is On The Rise But Where Is The Best Vegan-Friendly City?

Veganism seems to be everywhere in 2019, more people are converting to a vegan diet for many reasons including wanting a better diet as well as helping the environment. But do you know where the friendliest cities for vegans are in the world?

A new list has been released and America has managed to secure three of the top ten cities, missing out on the top spot to London in the United Kingdom.

The HappyCow list ranks cities based on four factors: how many vegan restaurants are available in a five-mile radius in the most vegan restaurant-dense region in each city (London has 152 while New York City has 111), how many vegan/vegetarian/veg-option restaurants are available – also in the same five mile area, the vegan restaurant count to population density, and the reporters opinion of the availability of a vegan community, festivals and meet-ups in the area.

As the largest vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide in the world, with reviews on vegan options in more than 180 countries, HappyCow are definitely the people who would know!

In the last ten years since the website was launched they have seen the number of completely vegan restaurants listed on their site increase from 625 to an amazing 8100, and that does not include the amount of vegan-friendly or vegetarian restaurants that are on offer.

So which American cities have made their top ten?

In at number 7 is Portland in Oregon. Known as an eco-friendly city popular with hipsters, there are many restaurants available including 46 vegan restaurants, 26 vegetarian restaurant and 185 veg-friendly restaurants, with more vegan restaurants due to open soon, which means you have a wide choice of restaurants available to you.

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Their vegan and vegetarian restaurants are an important factor of Portland’s society and their city has a huge selection of amazing vegan options, including the popular Ichiza Kitchen and Teahouse who specializes in shojin ryori-style meals.

If you are looking for a more family-friendly feel for your dining experience the Vertical Diner and Gold Room have also been recommended in the list which also covers burgers – Next Level Burger – coffee shops – Oracle Coffee Company – and donuts – Doe Donut.

There are also many food carts dedicated to vegan foods which is another factor that Portland is famous for and the vegan strip mall houses a vegan bake shop, grocery store, vegan tattoo shop and a massage therapy studio as well as many amazing vegan restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. If you prefer to go out and have a few drinks head towards vegan bars Maxwell or Capitol who also provide vegan cocktails alongside their food.

Often referred to as a ‘vegan haven’ Los Angeles has come in at number 4. Home to many vegan celebrities – including Joaquin Phoenix, Billie Eilish and Alicia Silverstone – Los Angeles has an amazing 49 fully vegan restaurants with a further 190 vegetarian/vegan friend restaurants within a five mile radius.

If you are looking for a healthier diet there are many options in the City of Angels. Famous for its large choice of international vegan restaurants – there are 19 establishments that specialize in vegan Thai food, two Ethiopian vegan restaurants as well as several Japanese, Vietnamese and Cuban restaurants. There is also a vegan cheese restaurant or you may prefer Italian vegan food, vegan burgers or many other vegan options.

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You can also head to Little Pine, a vegan bistro owned by musician Moby, where they serve not only serve a fusion of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, but they also donate 100% of their profits to different animal causes. Celebrity Chef Tal Ronen also has a successful vegan Mediterranean while Matthew Kenney has recently refurbished the 150 year old baker bakery Ladurée’s Beverly Hills branch.

Unsurprisingly, New York City has come in as the second friendliest vegan city in the world, thanks to its immense choice of diverse cuisines. Often considered to be the international food capital of the world, New York has seen a fantastic growth in their vegan industry with 111 vegan restaurants now available in a five mile area within the city. As well as some amazing restaurants, New York City has a wide selection of food carts with many more opening that are vegan specific.

Whether you head to the Vegan Food Court which is home to many great establishments including Marty’s V Burger, V Spot and Jam Cakery (because we all need dessert however healthy we try to eat!). Or why not head to a takeaway such as V-Life?

As with all the cities on the list New York offers many high-end vegan restaurants including the Franchia Vegan Café.

Vegan restaurants are seeing a huge surge in popularity and it is clear that 2020 will continue the trend so we expect to see the list for the top vegan friendly cities to change.