Halloween Movie

Classic Halloween Movies To Get You In The Spooky Spirit 

Halloween in 2020 definitely looks a little different than what the world is used to, however, just because there’s a global pandemic happening outside of our doors that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy all the fun festivities the holiday has to offer. And what better way to get you and your quarantine crew in the mood for spooky season than some classic Halloween entertainment? 

Scream: This classic teen-slasher film is a trailblazer for modern murder-mysetery scary movies. This cult classic follows Cindy Prescott, a year after her mothers murder, as she fights off an evil ghost-faced killer who’s hunting down her and all of her friends. 

Get Out: This newer film has already been highly regarded as a horror classic. Written and directed by Jordan Peele, this film follows a Black photographer who goes home with his white girlfriend to meet her family for the first time. Surrounded by comments of casual racism, the relationship and dynamics of the characters only gets more and more ominous as it progresses. 

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Beetlejuice: This Tim Burton horror/comedy classic follows a ghost couple who are working to haunt their prior home with the help of a devilish poltergeist spirit known as Beetlejuice. The 1988 film has had multiple modern adaptations, including a Broadway show, but nothing compares to the original classic. 

Halloween: It truly isn’t Halloween until you’ve watched the classic 1978 film of the same name. This movie was a part of that classic set of horror movies that were filmed in the 70s and 80s that set the standard for the horror movie genre as we know it today. While there have been multiple sequels, reboots, and spin-offs, the original film starring Jamie Lee Curtis has gone doesn in history as one of the best horror films of all time. 

Edward Scissorhands: This movie also comes from the unique and spooky mind of Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. This unlikely love story follows a man with scissor blades for hands who falls for your average girl next door suburban teenager. 

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Ghostbusters: If you’re looking for a more family-friendly Halloween movie to watch look no further than the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. Or spice it up with a marathon and watch the first, second and third film and top it off with the hilarious 2016 remake starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. 

Carrie: This Stephen King novel adaptation follows an introverted teenage girl with a complicated relationship with her mother, and an unexpected secret gift. After being bullied relentlessly all year Carrie finally decides to stand up to herself at the school prom and let’s just say it gets quite … messy. 

The Exorcist: You aren’t a real fan of horror movies unless you’ve seen this 1973 classic. This film set the standard for all demon possession type scary movies as it follows a young girl and her mother who attempts to save her daughter from demonic possession. After countless attempts she finally calls upon the church to perform an exorcism. 

Hocus Pocus: Another family-friendly classic Halloween movie, this film stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as three witches in Salem, Massachusetts who are resurrected on Halloween and spend the night trying to suck the youth out of all the trick or treaters as a means of staying young and beautiful. 

Child’s Play: This movie introduced the infamous Chucky doll horror character to the world in 1988. When Chucky gets possessed by a serial killer, he wreaks havoc on his new owners and changes the definition of “play time.”

Apple Picking

Fun Fall Activities You Can Still Do During The Pandemic 

Covid-19 has uprooted all of our lives. Now that autumn has officially started and the three-month holiday season has begun, it’s time to start planning some fun themed activities to keep you and your loved ones busy as we take on the upcoming months of quarantining in colder weather. 

Apple Picking: This is a great activity that the whole family will enjoy. Luckily, apple orchards naturally are socially distanced, so you and your loved ones can walk around the open space of apple trees while picking some fresh fruit. Most orchards also offer outdoor dining and shopping excursions that are available as well. 

Hiking: Before the weather gets really cold (depending on where you live in the world) take advantage of the cool and cozy fall weather by taking a hike at your local nature preserve. Want even more of an adventure? Look up places to hike near you that require a little bit of a drive to get to. This way you can go out and experience a new environment while enjoying all the fall foliage. 

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Make Some Fun Fall Recipes/Cocktails: There are numerous resources online for easy and fun fall recipes that you can make at home! Thanksgiving isn’t the only day of the year to really embrace pumpkin and apple flavors, so use all your freshly picked apples to make a homemade pie or spike cider. 

Take A Nature Drive: One of the simplest pleasures I’ve found myself appreciating during this pandemic is going out for drives. After spending the first few months locked in my room, I decided to get in my car, roll down my windows, put on my driving playlist and just start driving. Now that all the leaves are starting to change colors, there’s never been a better time to get in your car and drive around to see some of the beautiful sights nature has to offer.  

Decorating Pumpkins: This classic Halloween tradition has always been an at-home activity, so why should a pandemic stop that from happening? Going to your local pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin to carve is the perfect way to feel like you’re having a typical fall experience. 

Clean Out Your Closet: Home organization always falls under the category of “spring cleaning” however, fall is the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and prepare it for the potential influx of new clothing items you’ll be getting from Santa in a few months.

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DIY Halloween Costumes: Since Halloween will likely be cancelled this year in terms of going out and celebrating, why not celebrate in your own way by creating something amazing to wear. You and everyone you’re quarantined with could even coordinate a group outfit to make together and then have a spooky photo-shoot to share with friends and keep the Halloween spirit alive. 

Learn To Knit: What better way to prepare for a cozy season than making something cozy for yourself to wear? Knitting is known as one of the easier forms of creation when it comes to clothing, so pick up some needles and yarn and start slow with a beginner YouTube video. I was able to teach myself in one day how to knit a basic stitch and pattern, so why not give it a try?

Create A Book Club: Cold weather is always ideal for reading by the fire, but why not take it one step further and create a book club with all of your friends to help keep you motivated? Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts make it easy to hold virtual weekly meetings with whoever you want so that you don’t have to worry about potential Covid-19 concerns. However, since the weather is still relatively nice out, consider holding the meetings in an outdoor setting, socially distanced, until it really gets too cold out. 

Decorate With Holiday Decor: October is for Halloween, November is for Thanksgiving, and December is for Christmas, that’s three months of holidays that one could decorate for. You don’t have to break your bank either to create a cool themed ambiance that you’ll enjoy all season. By switching up the decor monthly to match up with the respected holiday, you’ll keep your mind and body engaged while having a fun time decorating your space to feel the most cheerful.

How To Better Your Physical And Mental Health During Your Lunch Break 

Now that a majority of us are working from home, it can be especially hard to separate our home lives from our work lives. When it comes to our lunch breaks especially, since we’re already in our own homes it can be easy to just lay on the couch for an hour until you need to get back up to start responding to emails again. Instead, try one of these activities that can help improve your overall mental and physical state, and keep your mind, body, and spirit happy.

Call A Friend Or Family Member: Being separated from our loved ones has truly been one of the most difficult aspects of this pandemic. Take a few minutes of your break to catch up with a friend or family member who you haven’t talked to in a few weeks. Technology makes it easy for us to connect to one another from our own quarantine bubbles, however, it can be easy to forget to keep communication up when the world seems so bleak. So call your loved ones and receive some much needed positivity. 

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Visit Your Favorite Tree: This idea comes from author Susan Saunders, who claims that “Seeing a tree combines so many of the habits that contribute to longevity: being outdoors in daylight, vital to keep our circadian clocks ticking accurately; exercise from walking; a chance to savour the moment. And even one lonely tree provides us with a little green space.” So if you don’t have a favorite tree yourself, take a walk around the neighborhood and mark the first one that really resonates with you, and make sure to give it a visit as often as possible. 

Move: Moving our bodies is so important especially now that we’re all stuck at home. Getting our blood circulating is not only good for our physical health but mental health as well. It may sound silly, but reminding yourself that you are grounded, moving, and existing in a given environment can make one more appreciative for the things they have. So even if it just means stepping outside and walking around your house a few times, make sure you’re getting up and moving with a purpose every day. 

Organize: Take a look at that long list of home projects you’ve been putting off for the entire pandemic and finally get to it! Since we’re discussing things to do during a lunch break, choose a smaller task like organizing a certain junk drawer, closet shelf, or medicine cabinet. Completing a smaller scale project like this will not only stimulate your brain, but give you the satisfied feeling of checking off one of the boxes on your to do list. 

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Learn A New Skill: Learning a new language or instrument obviously takes time, but doing a little bit of practice every day is how all the professionals get good. So take your hour break to log into Duolingo and practice some Italian, or go into your spare room and work on a few piano scales. Whatever you choose, doing it for a little bit everyday will improve your overall sense of purpose and will keep you motivated to do more. 

Meal Preparation: Many individuals have been teaching themselves to cook with all the spare time they now have. Use these newfound cooking skills to create meals that will create leftovers for the rest of the week, this way, you won’t have to be worried about preparing dinner every single night after a long day of working in the living room.

Take A Nap: While the point of this article is to tell you things that will improve your mental and physical health during your lunch break, sometimes the best thing one can do for themselves is take a much needed break and just, nap. If you feel yourself getting constantly overwhelmed with your own personal struggles and the overall state of the world, it’s important to unplug and disengage from everything and everyone for a moment. Take some deep breaths, and ground yourself in where you are. The world may be a scary place, but you’re still here, and you’re still surviving, so keep going!

Cooking Show

Best TV Cooking Shows To Watch In Lockdown 

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have explored new hobbies and interests while we pass the time in lockdown. Many individuals across the world have been teaching themselves to cook in their spare time, so here’s a list of some of the most popular programs being watched right now across the globe: 

Anthony Bourdain: This show is available on Amazon Prime Video and ran from 2002-2018. It’s no secret that Anthony Bourdain was one of the most respectable chef’s in the food entertainment industry. His show was widely popular every year it was on and explored the international cuisines from around the world that the average individual may not have ever heard of. In his Parts Unknown series he broke down the idea of a “celebrity chef” and just wanted to go to places that anyone else would love and enjoy. 

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Chef’s Table: This Netflix original show began in 2015 and is still currently producing seasons. The show profiles various chefs from around the world and offers a cinematic element that makes the cooking look sensual and engaging for the viewer. The chef’s on this show all have their own unique backstory with cooking which has been regarded as giving the viewer the sense that they too could become just as talented one day if they work hard. 

The Taco Chronicles: This show is also a Netflix original and is hosted by Carlos Perez Osorio. Osorio’s goal with this 2019 program was to show viewers the future of intellectual food shows. There are six episodes and within each one a different type of taco is intricately dissected so that viewers can really understand the combination of ingredients and why they work so well together, as well as gain a greater respect for the process of cooking/creation. 

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Madhur Jaffrey’s Flavours of India: This 1995 show is currently available on BBC iPlayer. The show was six-parts and explored the flavors and techniques of regional Indian cooking. Jaffrey gave off a calm and dignified persona on TV that showed viewers she really meant business when it came to her cuisine. The show itself has been highly regarded as one of a kind in terms of its focus on Indian cuisine.

The Chef Show: This Netflix show has only been one for one year but has been one of the platforms most popular food programs to date. Jon Favreau and Roy Choi spend each episode hanging out in the borrowed kitchens of all their Hollywood friends. It takes on the format of a visual podcast but with TV video quality. The format is casual, as the two simply mix their ingredients and tell you about their process while they get side-tracked and reflect on the glory days like any other best friend duo. 

Ugly Delicious: This Netflix original is hosted by chef Danic Chang of the celebrated Momofuku restaurant group. In more recent episodes Chang has used the show as a means of discussing important culinary issues around the world. The show also takes on a relatable lens when Chang finds out he’s going to be a father and then teaches the viewer how to make their own baby food.

Kids Playing Freeze Dance

Activities To Keep Your Kids Moving While Stuck Inside

Having your kids at home during a worldwide pandemic is truly no easy feat. Between homeschooling, your own personal job, and making sure your family is staying healthy and safe in quarantine, there’s a lot to do in a given day. Exercise and physical activity is extremely important, especially for young kids who are continuing to grow regardless of a lock down. So keep your kids moving by implementing some fun exercise/sports-like games in their day. There’s plenty of things kids can do during their daily at-home “recess” time indoors that will keep their bodies and minds active and engaged. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you:

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Obstacle Courses: What kid doesn’t love the thrill of an obstacle course? One of the benefits of setting up a course in your home/on your property is that your kids can get involved in the creation process using things from all around the house. So this activity isn’t just engaging your child’s body, but mind as well to problem solve and figure out what obstacles would be the most fun/challenging for them. 

Animal Races: A new and fun alternative to racing with your little ones is called animal racing. You can do this same type of race for any kind of category that allows participants to act out whoever/whatever they get assigned; for example Disney Princesses, mythical creatures, actors, etc. Fill a bowl up with various types of animals and have everyone draw one. Then set up a race track where every participant will have to act like their assigned animal until they get to the finish line.

Balloon Ball: In another classic indoor birthday party activity, balloon ball follows the same basic protocol as “The floor is lava!” game, which is another great option by the way. Fill up a bunch of balloons and try to keep them off the ground by passing them back and forth. “Level up” by adding more and more balloons into the mix until it’s nearly impossible to keep all of them up at once!

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Freeze Dance/Musical Chairs: This is another easy option that kids can even do on their own! YouTube offers a multitude of freeze dance videos that cycle through a variety of songs, many of which are oriented towards kids, and randomly pauses the music throughout to indicate when the kids should stop dancing. Besides that, the only requirement it would have from you is pressing the play/pause button. 

Clean-Up Race: We all can relate to our parents tricking us into cleaning our rooms/the house by offering some sort of “prize” or proclaiming the fastest to clean is the winner. While this may be a sneaky tactic, it really is one of the most effective ways to get your kids to clean up after themselves, hence why it’s been used for so long. Incentives/Prizes don’t have to be too complicated either, you can simply offer your kids an extra serving of desert or the ability to choose the next movie to watch on family movie night. 

Between all of these options and others – like pillow fights, fort building, jump rope, tag, red rover, chalk, etc. – there are plenty of activities your kids can be doing daily to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits active and moving. It can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves as much as we are our loved ones during this pandemic, so get your kids to play in the yard for the next hour, and take a load off, you deserve it.

Bermuda Dock

Virtual Cultural Attractions To Occupy Your Time In Quarantine

As social distancing measures and quarantine policies continue to restrict any sort of travel from occurring around the world, many are growing restless with how to spend this indefinite amount of time at home. Lucky for us, we live in a virtual age where practically everything can be seen/done online.

Many tourist destinations throughout the world have opened their digital doors to the public, offering a multitude of virtual tour/interactive online experiences so that many of us can still embark on fun travel journeys around the world, all from the comfort of our living room. Here are a few examples of some of the hundreds of virtual experience options you and your loved ones can go on while in quarantine:

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Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund have collaborated on a project they’re calling “Your Daily Dose of Nature.” The companies enlisted the help of over 150 guides from all over the world to share reports from their fieldwork, give updates on conservation efforts, show off fascinating wildlife and natural landscapes, while also offering courses in things like nature photography. The “daily doses” are updated everyday at 1 p.m. mountain time, meaning you’ll have something new and educational to look forward to everyday.

Rowe Bird Sanctuary in Nebraska has provided a virtual crane cam on their website to give the public access to the second largest animal migration in the world. The crane cam will follow the Sandhill Cranes on their journey upriver. According to the website, most of the cranes leave the river during the day to go feed, so the best time to see them will likely be sunrise and sunset; but the stream is 24/7.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is live-streaming some of their most popular attractions as well. These streams include shots from their Blacktip Reef, named for the blacktip shark population, Jellies Invasion exhibit, and Pacific Coral Reef exhibit, all which also have an overall goal of spreading the word about aquatic conservation. 

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Beyond just animal exhibits, there are a ton of virtual sightseeing options available for free to the public. For example, Albuquerque is offering a 360-degree tour of the entire city. Starting from the top of the Sandia Peak Tramway, online visitors can travel through some of Albuquerque’s most picturesque views, while also stopping at the local restaurants to peek in the windows and get a glimpse at local life. 

Bermuda’s historic dockyard is also live-streaming a 24/7 HD quality video of what waterfront life is like. While a dockyard may not sound like the most exciting experience, it’s in Bermuda, so it’s basically like taking a virtual vacation.

The Alley Theater in Houston is also offering digital performances and streams for their past performances. Right now George Orwell’s 1984 is the only option to watch, however, the Alley isn’t the only cultural institution offering a virtual experience for past patrons. 

In fact, Google’s Arts and Culture department has recently teamed up with hundreds of museums and historical venues to create an endless amount of virtual tours, activities, and educational experiences for those to endure while stuck at home during quarantine.  

Regardless of where you go, what you do, and what you see, it’s clear that while we may not be able to physically be in these places, we have access to the next best thing. It’s important to remember that one day, we will be able to actually hop on a plane and go to these places, but for now, we’ll have to get used to going to Europe from our computers.

Lady Cooking in Kitchen

Budget-Friendly Hobbies For After You Clock Out Of Work

When it comes to working a standard 9-5 job, life can quickly feel very routine and repetitive. We often find ourselves craving something more, but where do we start? So often when it comes to spicing up our lives with some new hobbies or activities, the financial burden of it all can pose as a major roadblock, however, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities that the average individual could easily invest their free time in as a means of enjoying life outside the office and home.

Cooking is one of the easiest hobbies to get into. Obviously we all need to eat, but in an age where we can access any meal we want in a matter of seconds and have it hand delivered to us all thanks to an app, has made cooking seem like a mundane activity, but it shouldn’t be! Instead of using your phone’s to order a meal and spending money that could otherwise be saved, use it to follow one of the countless cooking tutorial pages available on social media apps such as Instagram or YouTube. Cooking can also be done on a budget if you keep up with your local grocery store sales and use the internet to specifically search for recipes involving this week’s best sale items. 

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Botany is the study of plants, and before you roll your eyes at the thought of studying the exciting world of vegetation, just hear me out. Not only do houseplants add an earthy and bohemian element to any space, they also provide a direct source of clean air and require you to utilize the areas of your home that bring in the most sunlight, promoting a sense of overall positive energy. Working as an indoor botanist for your own personal plant collection can also be extremely cheap, especially if you’re starting from the bottom and growing your new friends from seeds. 

The same logic can be applied to more “scientific” hobbies such as astronomy. If you are located in an area of the world with a particularly spectacular view of the night sky as it goes through its many celestial transitions throughout the year, why not learn more about the amazing universe that you bare witness to every night? Amateur telescope kits offer a more in depth look at the sky without breaking your bank as well. 

To shift into more general hobbies that will fill your time outside of work, consider making a list of personal goals/missions that you’d like to see yourself accomplish either within the coming weeks, or even more long term. These “self missions” can include things like quitting smoking, exercising, trying to engage with the natural world more, or maybe learning a new skill such as botany or cooking. Whatever it is, take your time and find something that you know you’d be passionate about. Go to the local library and do some good old fashion research on the subject as well. 

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While we may be discussing finding a hobby to do when business hours are over, why not make that hobby finding something better to do career wise? If you’re in a situation where simply picking up a new weekend activity won’t cure the overall feeling of dread that comes with working five days a week, dive into that. Make your “self mission” one in which you’re no longer working for money but working for pleasure, and the money is just an added bonus. 

Obviously, that’s much easier said than done, however, if you turn advancing your career into your new hobby, then there’s no rush to just quit and start a new life, in fact, I’d encourage the opposite of that. For example, if you’re working as a data analyst at some firm in the city, but your real dream is to own your own bakery, turn that dream into a weekend reality. 

Make a list of general steps that you would need to take to get to that goal and then within each step, break down the realities of what you’d need to do to check that box. So if one of your steps to owning a new bakery would be to learn more about what it takes to run a business, a “sub-step” to that goal could be taking some night/weekend classes on business. Don’t worry about how overwhelming your list of steps may look when they’re all written down. Visually, it’s nothing more than a bunch of words, symbolically, it represents the things you need to accomplish in order to reach a more fulfilling life. So what are you waiting for?

Los Angeles California

Underrated Things To Do In Los Angeles

The East and West Coasts of the United States hold a lot of notoriety. Los Angeles versus New York is a tale as old as time, however, both coasts and both cities are a hub for diversity, culture, and entertainment. While New York City is the city that never sleeps, Los Angeles is the city referred to as La La Land (no, not the movie, but the concepts are similar), but it’s often overlooked as just a city of Hollywood snobs and Beverly Hills housewives. However, there’s plenty to do in LA beyond just TMZ bus tours and posting pictures of smoothie bowls on Instagram.

One of the most underrated parts of Los Angeles is the fact that it’s home to over 150 museums. One of the most notable museums would have to be the Getty Center, which is basically LA’s version of the MET in NYC. The center holds art from a whole slew of artists/artistic periods that defined our world’s culture throughout history; such as pieces by Van Gough, and sculptures from Ancient Greece. Other museums, that hold historical artifacts beyond the art world include LA’s own Museum of Natural History, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Hollywood Bowl Museum, and Madame Tussauds Hollywood; for the more whimsical celebrity-obsessed LA resident inside us all. 

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From coast to coast, most Americans can agree that if you’re going to visit either NYC or LA, you’re going to need to go shopping. LA especially is known for its wealthy, elitist, high-profile residents, so why not join that same status for the time being on your visit? The “treat yourself” mentality should always be activated on a vacation, but especially when that vacation is to the City of Angels. 

The Beverly Center in LA is over 800,000 square feet of store upon store upon store. It’s basically a super-mall that has retailers ranging from high-end designers, such as Gucci and Balenciaga, to more affordable and feasible options, such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Beyond the center, the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is an outdoor pedestrian mall that has a multitude of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to fill your day. 

For more family-friendly daily activities, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to Legoland or Universal Studios. These are the obvious mainstream choices, but they’re popular for a reason, especially amongst kids. Both options range between $100-$200 per day depending on the activities within each, and each also offers places to stay on your visit. 

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Another more underrated experience that’s perfect for the constantly moving traveler is a multi-day California tour. These tours begin in Los Angeles, but show you a whole range of experiences in the Golden State that you wouldn’t have access to if you just stayed in LA. One 3-Day California Coast tour takes you on a three-day, two-night journey along the west coast where you’ll stop in other famous California cities such as Santa Barbara, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and more! This specific tour costs $500, and most are around the same range. 

According to Tripadvisor, other multi-day tours include a longer 8-day tour that covers the same cities as mentioned above and an extra state; the tour starts in Los Angeles, and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, Las Vegas is the destination for a few of the multi-day tours California and LA has to offer.

If you want to lead a more active life while on your trip, there’s yet again a whole bunch of activities that the city has to offer. Some stereotypical California experiences you can sign up for include surfing lessons, helicopter tours that stretch beyond just LA, and hiking/biking groups that will show you the more hidden, natural side of an otherwise extremely metropolitan area. 

Regardless of your coastal preferences, both LA and NYC have plenty of activities that any kind of vacationer would want to embark on. 

Sydney Australia

Australia’s Northern Territory Uluru Issues Climbing Ban

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board has unanimously voted to close the giant monolith to climbers due to the spiritual significance to the site. As the rightful owners of Uluru, the Anangu people had to wait until 1979 before they were recognized as the traditional owners, even though they had lived there for over 40,000 years.

The world is an amazing place with many natural habitats to explore and one of the greatest activities to do while on holiday is to head to the local attractions and see some of the world’s most impressive sights. However by doing so we are not only killing these areas but we are also trespassing on some sacred sites. Often, people are simply not aware of this and would be much more respectful if they were aware of the history and rightful ownership. 1985 saw the freehold title deeds for the area handed back but it took until 2001 for there to be an official Anangu ranger on the site.

But why is Uluru seen as such a sacred site?

The Anangu believe the world was unformed and featureless in the beginning with ancestral beings emerging from this void. These beings chose to create all living forms and species as they travelled the land, with Uluru being just one of the resulting physical evidence. However the Anangu are aware of the wonder of Uluru and can understand why people want to come and visit the area, they just do not want people to climb the rock.

Even with signs in six languages dotted around the area climbers have still headed up Uluru, a sign of disrespect not only to Uluru but to the Anangu people too.

Despite the board voting to close the site in 2017, they decided to allow a two year period in which climbers could complete their goal, to tick ‘climb the rock’ off their bucket list. This ban has been a long time coming and has prompted calls of bans in other parts of the country too, including from the Jinibara people regarding the Sunshine Coast Mountains in Queensland. So if tourists are no longer allowed to climb certain attractions – they can still go and look at the inspiring monolith – where can they go? Travel experts at have revealed some alternative natural attractions across the world’s ‘largest island and smallest continent’.

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

For many years there have been calls for tourists to stop visiting the Great Barrier Reef due to the fact it is dying. Although climate change has been sited for 89% of the issues, tourism has also been blamed. However head to the other side of this great country and you can find the gorgeous Ningaloo Reef, located just 1200kms north of Perth. Here you have the opportunity to swim with gentle whale sharks or humpback whales, view the reef from above in a microlight or go snorkelling in Turquoise Bay. Not only is this area in many ways more beautiful than the Great Barrier Reef, it is also less busy meaning you can have a better experience.

The Pinnacles

Also in Western Australia, The Pinnacles are a good alternative to Uluru. These natural limestone structures are a short drive away from the ocean and is the Coral Coast’s biggest natural attraction – although Mount Augustus is also a must see as it is the biggest rock (monocline) on earth! For a slightly quirkier trip head over to Wave Rock in the Hyden Wildlife Park where you can also find The Humps and The Hippo’s Yawn.

The Three Sisters

With the call to close the Sunshine Coast Mountains you could always head south to The Blue Mountains and visit the Three Sisters in Katoomba. According to Aboriginal legend these unusual rock formations represent three sisters who were turned to stone. And thanks to the different seasons, and even the different lights of the day, the views can vary dramatically.

Coober Pedy

When visiting the centre of Australia and wondering at the enormity of Uluru why not head south to Coober Pedy and visit the town that is essentially underground. Due to the immense heat around 50% of the 2,500 population live underground in ‘dugouts’ and you can find many hotels and restaurants underground too.

Margaret River Caves

If being underground appeals to you then head to Western Australia and visit the caves in Margaret River. The four caves – Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, Jewel Cave and Ngilgi Cave – are open for the public but are preserved thanks to the walkways and ban on removing anything natural from them. You can also head further south and see where the ‘two oceans meet’ at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. A popular spot for tourists wishing to see the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet.